Dog and Cat Massage books and videos

Lectures and Appearances

Regis Philbin, Kelly Rippa and Maryjean Ballner
Maryjean with Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa after her appearance on their show.

Television Interviews

  • Regis & Kelly
  • KRON – (NBC Affiliate) San Francisco
  • Daybreak/Evening News Family Pet - Long Island NY
  • Pet Channel –Brian Kilcommins
  • Animal Planet- "You Lie Like a Dog" Jan.2000

Newspaper Articles

  • San Francisco Chronicle - Massage Therapist’s ‘Power Purring’ by Bill Workman 11/26/98
  • New York Daily News"Purr"… the Joy of Catmassage by KC Baker 1/3/99
  • San Francisco Examiner - Cat Massage makes Felines Purrrfectly Happy by Elaine Larson 3/19/99
  • San Mateo County Times - Give that Kitty a Massage- it’s the Cat’s Meow by Sarah Weld 11/6/98
  • San Jose Mercury News- A Good Rubdown Makes Fluffy Purr by Linda Goldston 11/23/98

Guest Speaker

  • 1998 & 1999 International Cat Show- Madison Square Garden, NYC

Magazine Articles

  • Dog Fancy
  • Cat Fancy
  • Whole Cat Journal
  • I Love Cats

Book Signings

  • Barnes & Noble/B. Dalton in Maui, HI, Long Island, NY, San Mateo & San Rafael, CA


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